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Juventus is one of the most successful and titled clubs of the Italian championship, founded over 120 years ago.

For the entire existence of the club, Juventus won the national championship 37 times, 21 times took the second place and 12 times the 3rd place.

Juventus also won the Italian Cup 12 times (Record) and the Italian Super Cup 8 times.

Juventus is currently the undisputed favorite of the Italian Serie A, as it has been winning this championship for 8 consecutive years.

The estimated cost of all players in the club (updated September 2019) is 864.00 Mill. € (according to, so Juventus is in the top 20 most expensive clubs in the world.

Juventus FC have one of the best football players in the World - Cristiano Ronaldo, a 4-time winner of the Golden ball, whose estimated value is 90 million euros.

In addition to Italian Serie A, Juventus is also very successful in the Champions League. Over the past 5 years, Juventus has reached the finals of this prestigious tournament twice but lost both times.

Juventus is a very famous brand and one of the most popular clubs in the World. His audience totals more than 100 million fans around the world (according to the data of all club accounts on social networks).

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